The Rules

By adhering to these guidelines, we uphold the standards of quality and respect necessary to honor the tradition and cultural significance of sake during National Sake Week 2024.

Quality Sake Only

Only high-quality sake, whether Japanese or from other regions, is permitted. Rice wine or cooking sake are not allowed.

Use of Term "Sake"

Please refer to all sake as "Sake" or "Japanese Sake" at all times, avoiding terms like "Rice wine" or "Japanese rice wine."

Culturally Appropriate

Cocktails and other drinks served during the event must be culturally appropriate and respectful to Japanese culture.

Social Media and Copy 

All social media posts and written content must accurately mention National Sake Week and include the official hashtag #NationalSakeWeek2024.

National Sake Week Responsible Drinking Policy

National Sake Week aims to celebrate and promote the enjoyment of sake responsibly. As part of our commitment to promoting safe drinking practices, we have developed the following drinking policy:

Responsible Consumption:

National Sake Week encourages responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, such as sake and Shochu

Participants are urged to be mindful of their alcohol intake and to drink in moderation.

It is important to understand and respect personal alcohol tolerance levels.


Legal Drinking Age:

National Sake Week adheres to the legal drinking age in the UK, which is 18 years old.

We strictly prohibit the sale of alcohol to individuals under the legal drinking age.


Age Verification:

All participating establishments and vendors are required to implement age verification protocols, such as Challenge 25, to ensure that alcoholic beverages, including sake, are not sold to minors.

Customers may be asked to provide valid identification to verify their age before purchasing alcohol.


Awareness and Education:

National Sake Week promotes awareness and education regarding responsible drinking practices.


Encouragement of Responsible Hosting:

Hosts of National Sake Week events are encouraged to provide non-alcoholic beverage options and food to complement sake consumption.

Hosts should monitor guests' alcohol consumption and intervene if necessary to prevent overindulgence.


Support Resources:

Individuals who may have concerns about their own or others' drinking habits are encouraged to seek support and information from reputable sources.

National Sake Week recommends with Drinkaware ( to provide resources and guidance on responsible drinking.


Designated Drivers and Alternative Transportation:

National Sake Week promotes the use of designated drivers or alternative transportation options for individuals who plan to consume alcohol.

Participants are encouraged to plan their journeys home in advance to ensure they can travel safely after consuming alcohol.


Collaboration and Compliance:

All partners and participants of National Sake Week are expected to comply with this drinking policy and to promote responsible alcohol consumption.


By adhering to these guidelines, National Sake Week aims to foster a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants while promoting the cultural significance and appreciation of sake in the UK. Let's celebrate responsibly!

For more information on responsible drinking, please visit Drinkaware at


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